Facilities at the Zaanse Schans

On this page, you can read below the answers to the most common questions from visitors.

Questions and answers

The Zaanse Schans is a unique location to visit. Although the Zaanse Schans is public domain, there are some cases where the visitor should take into account. Below a selection of the most common questions.

There are dogs allowed at the Zaanse Schans, provided they are leashed.
In the event of a calamity, visitors and drivers must follow the lead of the “Stichting De Zaanse Schans” staff, the police and/or the fire brigade.
It is forbidden to make videos or take photos at the Zaanse Schans for commercial purposes. Photographers and film crews are kindly requested to send an application to [email protected].
Flying drones at the Zaanse Schans is only permitted after permission from the Zaanse Schans Foundation and only if the operator possesses an ROC (RPAS Operator Certificate) and the legal rules are observed.
You can find an ATM at the right side from the Zaanse Schans parking office. Also it is possible to pin at almost all shops and restaurants at the Zaanse Schans.
Not all houses are open for public, because some houses are still inhabited. For privacy reasons, we ask you kindly not to enter the gardens or houses.
You can find the lost and found at the information centre of the Zaanse Schans in the Zaans Museum.
Bicycles must be parked in the designated bicycle racks. It is not allowed to park or cycle over the Zaanse Schans, except the Kalverringdijk this is a bike path. So beware when you cross over or when you take a pictures.
Admission to the Zaanse Schans is free of charge, for some of the attractions like the windmills, museums or crafts you have to pay.
Coming by car? Use the following address in your GPS: Schansend 7 in Zaandam. Parking costs €12.00 per day for cars (cars pay temporary €10,00). Coaches pay € 30,00 in high season and € 25,00 in low season. Coaches (double-decker) pay € 45,00 in high season and € 35,00 in low season.
Public toilets are located at the main entrance and next to the bike rental office at the Kalverringdijk. The disabled toilet is located at the main entrance.
The shops at the Zaanse Schans have different opening hours during high or low season. Click here for the current opening time.
During the holidays it is possible to visit the Zaanse Schans. Only during Christmas and Newyear the opening times are different, click here for an overview.
The Zaanse Schans gives a picture of the Zaanstreek in the 17th and 18th centuries. This means – unfortunately –  that the accessibility is limited to wheelchair users, because all is based on another era. Zaanse Schans however, offers accessible bridges and disabled toilets. These are found in Tweekoppige Phoenix and het Zaans Museum.

Special parking spaces are available and you can book a wheelchair from the Zaans Museum. The Jonge Schaap is the only wheelchair-friendly windmill.

No, the Zaanse Schans has no lockers or any other facility to store your luggage during your visit.

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