Video and photography at the Zaanse Schans

Each day, the Zaanse Schans welcomes journalists and TV teams from all corners of the world and is happy to provide you with information. This page contains press releases, image material and videos. These may be downloaded and used for journalistic purposes. At the bottom of the page, you can register for our mailing list so that you receive our press releases.

Photos or video for commercial purposes

If you are interested in making videos or taking photos at the Zaanse Schans for commercial purposes, then we request that you ask for written permission (at least two business days in advance). You can send your application to Your application will be answered on business days. If you want to take photos or video of  a craft, or in a windmill or museum, then be sure to state these wishes in your application.

Drones are not permitted at the Zaanse Schans

Flying drones at the Zaanse Schans is only permitted after permission from the Zaanse Schans Foundation and only if the operator possesses an ROC (RPAS Operator Certificate) and the legal rules are observed. You can send your application to Your application will be answered on business days.

Wedding photos at the Zaanse Schans

Would you like to take wedding photos at the Zaanse Schans? You are welcome to do so. You do not have to request any permission for this purpose, because the Zaanse Schans is an open residential and work area.

If you would like to take photos in a windmill, museum or of a craft, then you can send your application to Your application will be answered on business days. We would appreciate it if we could receive and use the results of your photo shoot. Send your best photo to


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