The Zaanse Schans for groups and businesses

It is possible to rent a room from various businesses at the Zaanse Schans, whether it be for a special meeting for instance, or for a party dinner. Choose an all-in package deal and enjoy a lovely day in the Zaan region.

Make a group visit to the Zaanse Schans

Beautiful scenery, a water-rich environment, charming accommodation and extensive catering facilities. In short, the Zaanse Schans is a unique location for your international business event or family gathering. With us your company can hold a meeting, have lunch and dine, and of course see the Zaanse Schans. Even from the water as well! Our wide experience with group visits makes it possible to offer various customised arrangements, to suit all your special wishes. We also offer the following package deals for groups from 10 people:


Take in the world-famous Dutch landscape during a walk with a tour guide along the Zaanse Schans. Visit a windmill and discover traditional Dutch crafts such as sailcloth weaving and cheese making.


Duration: approx. 1.5 hours


Price per person:
Dutch-speaking guide €13,00
Other languages €14,50


Includes: guided tour of the Zaanse Schans, admission to a windmill and the Weaver’s House, visit to a cheese maker.


Experience the rich history of the Zaan region in the Zaans Museum. Visit the Verkade Experience where you are transported back to the chocolate and biscuit factory of the early twentieth century, and where the original machines are still churning away. Complete your visit with a sumptuous lunch at De Kraai restaurant on the Zaanse Schans. 


Duration: approx. 2.5 hours


Price per person:
Adults €28.50
Children aged 12 to 17 years€24.50
Children aged 4 to 11 years €17.00
Museum pass holders €17.00


Includes: admission to the Zaans Museum, lunch at De Kraai restaurant: vegetable soup, pancake of choice, coffee or tea. 


Put on work clothing and get to work at Verkade! Imagine you’re a Verkade girl, a biscuit baker, or a chocolate expert. Discover how tricky it is to keep the digital biscuit oven running, and test your dexterity with the games. Develop new collection campaigns and packaging for chocolate. Will you get promoted to director, or will you be sacked? Together with your friends, and guided by an instructor from the Museum, you will go on a treasure hunt through the Verkade Experience and make your own wrapper for a customized bar of Verkade chocolate. Squash and Verkade biscuits add the finishing touches to the party.


Duration: 2 hours


Price: €11.75 per child
Accompanying adult: free(at least two people, a maximum of three)
Recommended age: 7-10 years
Group size: minimum of six children, maximum of twelve


Includes: admission to Zaans Museum, Verkade Experience treasure hunt, squash with Verkade biscuits, Verkade chocolate bar for all children


Extra options
– Pancake with squash at De Kraai restaurant  €9.50

Indulge your sweet tooth! Get a hot Chocolate ‘to go’ in the MuseumCafé and then take a stroll through the typically Dutch landscape of the Zaanse Schans to the Verkade Experience at the Zaans Museum. Discover how the Verkade girls made the most delicious chocolate and biscuits, and design a wrapper for a customized bar of Verkade chocolate.


Duration: approx. 2 hours


Price per person:
Children up to 3 years €5.75
Children aged 4 to 17 years €13.25
Museum pass holders €5.75


Includes: hot chocolate MuseumCafé Zaans Museum, admission to the Zaans Museum, Verkade chocolate bar

Take your class to the Zaanse Schans! Discover traditional crafts like sailcloth weaving and making cheese. and visit a windmill and sail on the Zaan river Time to run around in the playground and an ice cream make this school trip complete!


Duration: 4 hours


Price: €7,50 per child
Recommended age: 7-12 years


Includes admission to the windmill, Weavers House, Coopery, treasure hunt Zaanse Schans, visit to the cheese-maker, and an ice cream at De Kraai restaurant.

Have you always wanted to work in a chocolate and biscuit factory? Then take the chance now! Visit the Verkade Experience with your class. Discover how the most delicious cookies and chocolates are made, follow the treasure hunt and create your own design  for a Verkade chocolate bar wrapper!



Duration: 4 hours


Price: €7,50 per child / accompanying adult
Recommended age: 7-12 years


Includes admission to the Zaans Museum, treasure hunt, Verkade chocolate bar

The food industry made the Zaan region world-famous. Experience the history of the food industry in the Zaans Museum and make a customized Verkade chocolate bar. You can then enjoy a tasting session complete with traditional Dutch delicacies at the Zaanse Schans. Taste traditional Dutch cakes and biscuits at the bakery museum, a pancake at De Kraai restaurant and spices at De Huisman mill. Taste a chocolate bar in the Verkade Experience, a traditional Dutch stuffed biscuit at the bakery museum, a ‘do it yourself’’ chocolate milk at Blik op de Zaan, a pancake at De Kraai restaurant and spices at De Huisman mill.


Duration: approx. 2.5 hours


Price per person:
Adults €47.50
Children 4-17 years: €38,00


Includes: Zaanse Schans Card (including admission to all museums crafts, two windmills), tasting sessions at various locations around the Zaanse Schans.

Surprise your international guests

Our packages are great for international companies. The multilingual guides know all about the rich history of the Zaanse Schans. Our guides speak English, French, German and Czech.

Would you like more information? Mail to [email protected]. Or call the information centre of the Zaanse Schans: +31(0)75-681 00 00.

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